Delicious Eating...Naturally

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Pushed for time?

Stressed about what to eat?

Feeling guilty because you know it’s important to eat as well as you can, although you’re finding that a challenge...especially if you have kids?

Wondering how you’re going to make healthy food fit into your budget and keep meals interesting each day, every day? Well, you’re not alone! 

I’m Fi and I’m excited for you about what’s ahead in this publication. Having worked for many years with clients on how to transform their health and wellness, I understand that many of you are keen to do the best you possibly can for yourselves and your families, especially when it comes to great nutrition…... and we need solutions! 

Welcome to the world of ‘delicious food - made easy, fast and cost-effective’!



- Splendid - 5 Stars

Fantastic simple ideas to boost the system, revitalise and energise...!!

Really enjoyed the addition of what nutrient is in each ingredient

Yum yum can't wait to try each of these recipes....thank you for your insight! - Neil - New Zealand

- Great ideas and nutritious simple recipes for the whole family - 5 Stars

Great ideas and nutritious simple recipes for the whole family. Thank you for the recommendation just love the book.' - Maxine - New Zealand

- Love the tips throughout - 5 Stars

'At last some tasty simple recipes with wholesome nutritional value and a book that lets me know what nutrients are in each ingredient, linking them to what effect they have on individual areas of my well-being. A real GEM!

I found this especially helpful when mixing and matching ingredient for the health benefits I wanted to achieve, e.g. energy and focus. Love the tips throughout.’ - Gael – Leadership Coach, New York

- Definitely makes tricky eaters easy again! - 5 Stars

This book was just great. Dealing with food intolerances and allergies in a house with three growing teenagers is a challenge and I found this easy to follow and containing a variety of options and something to suit every one. I need fast and easy and this is what I found. Well worth a read! - Kiwi Kids

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Delicious Eating...Naturally

0 ratings
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